Founded & Managed by Charles Williams LPI

[ State of Colorado Licensed Private Investigator ]

License PI2 0000395.
Dominican Republic License numero #0277
Lived in Santiago DR for 7 years
Former Alexandria Virginia Deputy Sheriff(10yrs) and part time US Marshal at the Eastern District office in Alexandria Virginia at 401 Court House sq. 
Have been a Private Investigator since

Beware of people who promote themselves as Former Federal Agents with explicable credentials.


Ask them for the phone number where they last worked. Due diligence is necessary when you are paying rates as high as $150.0 an hour.

Request their Associations and Associates to totally verify license and credibility. We supply all information on request to include United States and Dominican Republic License.  If you can't trust them to be the people they say they are, how can you trust the information they provide to you.