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If you think its expensive to hire a Professional,wait until you hire an Amateur.

[ Domestic Affairs ]


We assist with international and Domestic matters that necessitate strict adherence to privacy, and professionalism. 

[ Criminal Investigations ]


My firm has worked with Homicides and Suspicious Deaths with and without an Attorney 

[ Fraud & Misreprentation]

When looking online Dating sites, you need to know the truth about who is on the other side of that modem.

[ Computer Forensics ]


If you are going to civil or criminal court it is a matter of court expectation  to have you maintain CHAIN OF CUSTODY with the evidence presented to the court. Having been in Law Enforcement for 10 years our firm adheres to the principals of court expectations.

[ Missing Persons ]


Missing persons can forge the way through many US states and foreign countries. Having the ability to work with uncommon issues and people to find solutions can only be conducted by those with Law Enforcement experience.

[ Surveillance ]


I remember sitting in a hot compact car with the windows up at noon until 2am the following cold morning.  At 215am my target came out of her boyfriends apartment balconey to smoke a cigarette and he followed. They embraced and kissed. I got the video of a lifetime and my client got the kids and his house. It was not luck, it was perseverance .

US License Co.PI2.0000395

Dominican Republic

License 0277


and Confidential  

Chief Investigator spent 10 years as Alexandria Virginia Law Enforcement Officer
working part time as a US Marshal at the Eastern District Marshals Office at 401 Court House SQ.
Has Been a Private Investigator and Compliance agent since 1996




Nuestra empresa ofrece un investigador de habla española cuando sea necesario. Realizamos la vigilancia de infidelidad, verificación de citas en línea, antecedentes para los inquilinos y clientes comerciales.

También realizamos investigaciones de personas desaparecidas y apoyo a los cónyuges que pasan por abuso y negligencia. La manutención de los hijos es otro servicio que ofrecemos. Encontramos al papá desaparecido para nuestros clientes.

Póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina para obtener asistencia completa con cualquier asunto que requiera un profesional.